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3/4 muet done

sigh~ 1/4 muet to go. wish me luck. aiming for good band. good luck friends


for reading. mostly the articles are about science and technology. about nasa, about bookstores and others. its quite hard i can say. :sigh:
focus and focus until my head gonna blow off. haha. oops, i do eat 2 candies in this reading section. really. sleepy you know =.='

afterward is writing. it is not so hard or 'pelik-pelik je klua'. it consists about interpreting graph and tables. the second question is about electronic communications growing trends. give your opinion and discuss. =)

now come the 'lovely' part. LISTENING. for part 1 and part 2 i still can catch the words BUT for part 3. *speechless* we keep saying hu? ha? what? etc. i look at u. u look at me back. hahaha. everyone seems blur. in case not 'every', some of us seems blur. the bass of the speakers is too high as the words that can be hear is only beach, animal, sticky glue etc. but still not answering the question. blaming the bass of the speaker! hooyeah! u keep blaming others while we must admit that we also do not pay attention well. :(

last but not least, my speaking test will be next week. hope WE will score good grades together,

this is my muet, how about you? ;p

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